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close this bookTowards Creating a Poverty-Free World (UNESCO, 1995, 12 p.)
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Poverty Can Be Put in Museums

Hunger can be turned into a matter of the distant past. Poverty can be placed in museums. Maybe our great grandchildren will go to museums to see what poverty was. They will feel sorry for us and our forefather because we did not know how easy it was to overcome poverty. Or they’ll feel angry at their ancestors for letting so many people suffer through so much misery for so many centuries for nothing.

There is no excuse left for us to let millions of people suffer the misery of poverty today. We must get our act together and set a date to create a poverty-free world. I see the year 2025 as a feasible date if we get into action right now.

World Food Day should never degenerate into an annual celebration of empty rhetoric. It can be a very important day devoted to reviewing global progress towards creating a poverty-free world, once we have made the decision.

Let’s make the decision and keep the date!

Thank you.