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close this bookTowards Creating a Poverty-Free World (UNESCO, 1995, 12 p.)
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Busy with Projects and Budgets

Management of research institutions are most of the time busy with the preparation and modification of projects, their budgets, utilization reports and attending donor meetings. Their full time job is to keep the donors happy to keep the money flowing in. The only occasion they ask themselves the question, “What are we doing with this money?” is when the donors ask them the same question. Obviously when donors ask a question you answer it differently. Your answer it defensively. Your answer, by necessity, comes out in a strongly positive way. Management does not get a chance to do some soul-searching for its own sake.

Each research institution must ask itself the following questions, each year:

a) What is our contribution in removing hunger from the world?
b) Can this be done in a more efficient and cost-effective way?