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close this bookTowards Creating a Poverty-Free World (UNESCO, 1995, 12 p.)
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Raising Basic Questions with FAO

FAO is the most important organization for food and agriculture is the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It has done many wonderfull things to attract the world attention on the issue of hunger. But they could have done even more.

FAO is the specific world organization which has been set up to guide the nations of the world to achieve food security at the national level and at the household level. This is the world organization which has been mandated to remove hunger from the world. True, the percent of the world’s population that is hungry is down, but the numbers are up.

As long as hunger exists on this planet, we’ll have no other recourse but to turn our eyes to FAO. The bigger the number of hungry people gets around the world, the stronger becomes the case for rethinking FAO’s effectiveness. If there is no significant change at the hunger front, the world may feel well-advised to design a new FAO which will give a better account of itself in reducing the number of hungry people each year. Hunger is one issue about which nobody is ready to be fed with assurances and smooth talk.