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View the documentSession IV-1: Introduction to surveying
View the documentSession IV-2: Surveying projects
View the documentSession IV-3: Pond interview - week four
View the documentSession IV-4: Trainee evaluation of training - week four

Session IV-4: Trainee evaluation of training - week four

Note: For objectives, overview and trainer notes regarding procedures, please see "Trainee Evaluation of Training - Week Two" in Chapter Eleven. The procedure is exactly the same each time, and the form is the same except for the activities that are listed. The actual content of the forms will depend upon exactly what activities have occurred. The only thing that will be included here is a sample of the form used for this week's evaluation.

Name (optional):___________________________________

1. On a scale from 1 to 5, rate the value of the following activities (0 = not at all valuable, 5 = extremely valuable). Please make comments or give suggestions for improvement;

Development of Management Plan (sections not addressed in first evaluation)

Field Trip to___________

Discussion following Field Trip regarding utilization of resources

Fish Dissection

Guest: (Name) (Introduction to Surveying)

Surveying Field Exercises and Presentations

Management of your own pond

2. How satisfied are you with your progress since your arrival at the training program? (very dissatisfied, dissatisfied, satisfied, very satisfied)

3. If you are not "very satisfied" with your progress, what factors are related to your own performance?

4. What factors are related to the training activities, resources, and/or staff?

5. Please rate the following aspects of the program that are not related to technical training. (Unsatisfactory, Fair, Good, Very Good). Please make comments or give suggestions for improvement.

Medical Care
Addressing of Personal Needs (recreation, shopping, mail, etc.)

6. Additional Comments: