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European investment bank

The EIB has just made the following loans,

Nigeria: ECU 75 million to develop small and medium-sized businesses.

Uganda: ECU 5.44 million for industrial development.

Swaziland: ECU 3.5 million towards the financing of investments made by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Tanzania: ECU 11 million to extend the container terminal at the port of Dares-Salaam.

Dominican Republic: ECU 3 million to help small and medium-sized enterprises.

Dominica: ECU 2.5 million towards the financing of investments by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Mozambique: ECU 3 million for a joint venture set up by Mozambican and European partners to develop cashew nut processing in Nacala in northern Mozambique.

Zambia: ECU 7 million to extend the cotton spinning installations and related thread dying facilities in Ndola.

Cot'lvoire: ECU 6.5 million to modernise and expand the tuna processing plant at Abidjan.

Cap Verde: ECU 5.4 million for the Nindelo electricity generating station.

Netherlands Antilles: ECU 3 million to lay on airline catering services at Cura.

Guyana: 5 million to reorganise the bauxite sector.