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close this bookSchool Health Education to Prevent AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) : Handbook for Curriculum Planners (UNESCO - WHO, 1994, 88 p.)
close this folderB. Sample materials for introducing the curriculum and for teacher training
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6. Sample questions - student to parent

We can always learn from past experiences. What your parents experienced when they were younger can be a valuable lesson for you.

1. If they are willing, interview your parents, or another adult relative, with the questions listed below.

2. Interview them separately.

3. You may only want to select certain questions to ask them.

4. Write their responses on a piece of paper.

Possible questions:

1. Who in your family/community talked to you about sex when you were young?
2. How old were you?
3. What did they tell you?
4. If nobody talked to you about sex, would you have liked them to? Why?
5. Do you think it was accurate/useful information?
6. How would you have liked to have received your sex education?
7. How old were you when you had your first boy/girlfriend?
8. What did you do when you spent time with him/her?
9. Did you think about birth control when you were young? Why or why not?
10. Did girls ask boys out? Do you think this would be all right today?
11. Did boys give presents to girls? Why?
12. What STDs were a concern during your youth?
13. How did your friends protect themselves from them?
14. If you could change things, would you do things differently? Which things?