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close this bookBetter Farming Series 17 - Groundnuts (FAO - INADES, 1977, 40 p.)
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Suggested question paper


For a field of good density, you must sow seeds which....

When the rainy season is short, sow ... varieties.

Before sowing, make an ... to see whether the seeds are good.

Groundnuts grow better in ... soil.

The nuts are ripe when the inside of the shell is ....

Seeds from selected varietes resist ... better.


Why must you choose good seed?

Why is it better to sow groundnuts in rows?

How do you know when your groundnuts are ready for harvesting?

What is the shelling yield?

Why must groundnuts be sown at the right density?

What varieties are sown in your region?

On what date are you advised to sow groundnuts in your region?

How do you store your harvested groundnuts?

Why must fertilizers be given to groundnuts?

What sort of soil is good for groundnuts?


A farmer has sown groundnuts in a field which is 60 metres wide and 115 metres long. What is the area of the field?

He leaves 15 centimetres between the seeds. How many plants has he sown in a row?

He leaves 40 centimetres between rows. How many rows are there in his field?

How many plants has he sown in this field?

How many kilogrammes of seed does he need?

A farmer makes a germination test. He puts 80 seeds into damp sand.

Six days later he counts the seeds which have germinated: he finds there are 70.

What is the germination rate of the seeds? Is it a good germination rate?