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Session 1. Orientation to final assessment and evaluation

Total time:

2 hours


* To discuss and clarify the final assessment and evaluation process

* To develop a written, cumulative self-assessment/evaluation

* To discuss and develop a final written recommendation regarding invitations to continue Peace Corps service


* Attachment VI-1-A, "Final Assessment Worksheet"

* Attachment VI-1-B, "Final Assessment Implementation Plan"

* Copies of the five "Trainer Evaluation Forms" and "Self-Evaluation Sheets" used during the counterpart sessions throughout the training program


Step 1. (5 minutes)
Begin by reviewing the objectives and explaining the goals of the final assessment/evaluation process.

Trainer Notes

The goal of the final assessment/evaluation process is to produce a written, final recommendation which will provide both participant and Peace Corps with a cumulative assessment of skill levels as well as a mutually-negotiated decision regarding suitability to continue with in-country training.

Step 2. (10 minutes)
Distribute and explain Attachment VI-1-A, "Final Assessment Worksheet," and Attachment VI-1-B, "Final Assessment Implementation Plan." Allow time for discussion and questions.

Trainer Notes

An individual worksheet should be provided for each of the four major skill areas to be evaluated (communication skills, commitment to program, technical skills and cognitive skills).

Step 3. (10 minutes)
Provide a brief explanation of the time-line of the final assessment process.

Trainer Notes

Due to the nature of the final phase of the training program, the time-line for carrying out the final assessment process should remain flexible and responsive to the needs of both participants and staff as dictated by commitments arising from preparation for the Energy Fair. You May find it helpful, however, to suggest that all final interviews be completed no later than the fourth day of the final phase. This will allow ample time for processing final recommendations prior to the departure of the participants.

Step 4. (5 minutes)
Give each participant a copy of each of the five past "Trainer Evaluation Forms" and "Self-Evaluation Sheets" explaining that they should be used as reference aids in writing the cumulative, self-assessment/evaluation.

Trainer Notes

In completing the worksheets, you may wish to ask participants to focus on providing succinct, cumulative statements of their self-assessments and to identify specific skill areas that they would like to continue to develop during training.

Step 5. (85 minutes)
Have the participants complete their written, cumulative statements.

Step 6. (5 minutes)
Collect the completed worksheets ant all copies of the "Trainer Evaluation Forms" and "Self- Evaluation Sheets."

Trainer Notes

In keeping with the Final Assessment Implementation Plan (See Attachment VI-1-B), worksheets, "Trainer Evaluation Forms" and "Self-Evaluation Sheets" should be made available to the training staff for the purpose of developing the cumulative assessment of each participant.

Based on these two written perspectives (participant and training staff), the final interview should be a dialogue between participant and staff in which final, cumulative assessment statements and the resultant recommendations for invitation to Peace Corps service are negotiated mutually and entered in writing in the column of the worksheets.

These final, cumulative statements should be typed according to the format provided below and distributed to participants for signing.

Copies of the final recommendations should be made available to participants, the training institute and to appropriate Peace Corps authorities.

Following is a suggested format for the final written evaluations/recommendations:


(Participant Data)

Program #:_____________________

(Training Institute Data)



A. Communication Skills
(Cumulative statement from "Final Assessment Worksheet")

B. Commitment to Program
(Cumulative statement from "Final Assessment Worksheet")

C. Technical Skills
(Cumulative statement from "Final Assessment Worksheet")

D. Cognitive Skills
(Cumulative statement from "Final Assessment Worksheet")


In view of the above evaluation, the (name of training institute) and (name of participant) mutually recommend that an invitation to further in-country training should/should not be extended at this time.

Signature of


Program #:__________________________

* For the major skill area listed below, provide a cumulative assessment of skill level.
* Include reference to any specific skill areas upon which further training should focus.
* Provide a final recommendation regarding continued Peace Corps service.

Skill Area

Participant Cumulative Assessment Training Staff Cumulative Assessment

Final Cumulative Statement

Final Recommendation


I. In writing, on "Final Assessment Worksheets" --

A. Participants develop a self-assessment of their skill levels in each of the four major skill areas, based on their comments on the "Self-Evaluation Sheets."

B. The training staff develops a similar assessment, based on their comments on the "Trainer Evaluation Forms."

II. During final interviews --

A. Participants and training staff discuss their respective assessment statements on the worksheets.

B. Participants and training staff negotiate final, mutually-acceptable, written statements which:

1. Represent a summary of participant's skill levels in each of the four major skill areas

2. Identify any specific skill areas which the participant may need additional opportunity to develop

3. Provide a statement of final recommendation regarding the participant's suitability to continue Peace Corps service.

III. Final, cumulative statements are typed according to a "Final Evaluation/Recommendation" format and distributed to participants for signing.

IV. Copies of the "final Evaluations/Recommendations" are made available to participants, the training staff, Peace Corps in-country representatives and Peace Corps Washington representatives.