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Session 5. Energy fair evaluation

Total time:

2 hours


* To evaluate the planning and implementing of the Energy Fair

* To plan, carry out and evaluate a training session


Newsprint and felt-tip pens

Trainer Notes

You may wish to select a participant to facilitate this session. If so, be certain to brief the participant in advance. Also, allow time at the end of the session for feedback on the participant's facilitation skills.


Step 1. (5 minutes)
Review the session objectives and procedures.

Trainer Notes

This session is designed to carry out two processes at the same time: the participants themselves will be called upon to determine the procedure and will be practicing the skills involved in session planning while simultaneously evaluating the Energy Fair.

Step 2. (10 minutes)
Have the participants brainstorm a list of 4 or 5 criteria for evaluating their work in planning and implementing the Energy Fair. Post their responses on newsprint.

Trainer Notes

* This step should be kept as brief as possible since the criteria are meant to serve only as a basis for generating discussion.

* Provide some focus by suggesting such broad areas for evaluation as the effectiveness of planning, group work, facilitation skills, demonstrations, etc.

Step 3. (10 minutes)
Assist the participants in identifying a procedure for evaluating the Energy Fair using the criteria they have established.

Trainer Notes

* Assist the participants by suggesting the importance of outlining the procedure in a step-by-step manner and setting time limits based on the time allotted for Step 4.

* If a video recording of the Energy Fair has been made, suggest including it in the evaluation procedure.

Step 4. (90 minutes)
Have the participants carry out the planned procedures.

Step 5. (5 minutes)
Conclude the session by soliciting feedback from the participants regarding how well the objectives were met.

Trainer Notes

The focus of this feedback should be on the group's effectiveness at evaluating the Energy Fair as well as on their effectiveness at planning and implementing this session.