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close this bookSpecial Public Works Programmes - SPWP - Community Water Supply - A Community Participation Training Element for SPWP User Beneficiaries (ILO - UNDP, 1987, 100 p.)
close this folderSESSION 2: The Relationship of Water, Sanitation and Disease - Faecal-Oral Transmission
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Last year at the beginning of the rainy season, four babies in a nearby village died in one month. Many other children and adults were also sick. They all suffered from diarrhoeal diseases. All the people who got sick used water from the same stream.

It is the custom in this village to defecate in the bush. Many people prefer to use the area near the stream because it is private and because water for cleansing is available.

1. WHAT do you think was responsible for the babies’ deaths and the other illnesses?

2. WHO do you think was responsible for the babies’ deaths?

3. Water is pure when it falls as rain. How can it become contaminated with germs (micro-organisms)?

4. If your friend did not understand the relation between sanitation and health, could you explain to him or her the faecal-oral route of disease transmission? What would you say?

5. Can you name some diseases that are spread by contaminated water?