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Helping communities conserve their IK

Despite limited documentation, people have managed to transmit knowledge efficiently from generation to generation, conserving wisdom for centuries. Social and technical skills arc shared and used throughout communities, and in the process, passed to children. There is no patent recipe for conserving IK, but education, communication, and application can help.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can help communities preserve their IK.

Raise awareness in me community about the value of their IK

Record and share IK success stories in songs, drawings, puppet plays, story telling, dramas, videos, and other traditional or modern means of communication.

Demonstrate me usefulness of IK

Establish model farms, agricultural demonstration plots, handicraft enterprises, herbal gardens, and other indigenous technologies that can show people the value of their IK.

Help community members record and document their local practices

Circulate the results of IK recording efforts in a newsletter, book, video, and other traditional or modern means of communication. Encourage indigenous forms of record keeping (see Sources and documentation of IK in Part 2).

Make IK available

Involve local people in preserving their IK For instance, help set up a farmer-managed local germplasm bank.

Promote revival of traditions and selected local practices

Encourage the reintroduction of indigenous education. Encourage establishment or strengthening of indigenous organizations. This will encourage community members to place a higher value on local culture and practices.