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Worksheet No. 7

No. 1 A JK master slave FF has its inputs tied to + 5V, and a series of pulses are applied to its CLK input Describe the Q output.


No. 2 The signal drives a clocked RS - FF. If Q is low before point A in time: At what point does Q becomes a 1? What does Q reset to 0?


No. 3 Use the information in the preceding problem and draw the waveform Q.

No. 4 The signal drives a D-FF. What is the value of stored in the FF after the clock pulse is over?


No. 5 A normal JK-FF, J = K = 1. A 1 MHz is applied to the CLK input it has a propagation delay tp of 50 ns. Draw the input squarewave and the out put expected at Q. Be sure to show the propagation delay time.