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close this bookHow to Act after Accidents caused by Electrical Current - Course: Basic skills and knowledge of electrical engineering. Instruction examples for practical vocational training (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 15 p.)
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Instruction example 1.3. Transportation of an Injured Person

Practising how an injured person has to be transported.


Stretcher Wooden bars Blankets Belt

Required basic knowledge

Deciding whether an injured person is able to be transported

Sequence of actions


1. Deciding whether the injured person is able to be transported.

Blood circulation!


No critical injuries!

2. Placing at disposal of the stretcher.

If required, make a makeshift stretcher from wooden bars and blankets.

3. Putting the injured person on the stretcher.

If it is cold, cover the injured person with blankets. Make sure that the injured person cannot fall down.

4. Transportation of the injured person.

Lift and put down the stretcher simultaneously on the command.

Hold the stretcher securely.

Do not march in step!

Draw each other's attention to obstacles.

Make sure that the injured person's line of vision is in transport direction.

Watch the injured person constantly during transportation.

5. Handing the injured person to the medical personnel.

Inform the medical staff about the kind of accident that had happened and about the first aid measures taken.

Transport of an injured person