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Welcoming remarks

Elliott Milstein

The American University is very and honored that the World Bank chose our campus as the site for this major conference on world hunger.

Overcoming global hunger is an ennobling endeavor, besides being an issue of immediate concern and urgent humanitarian priority. Indeed, conceiving of an issue that is of more fundamental importance than this one is difficult. For this reason, our welcome to you on behalf of the university community is heartfelt.

Your participation here comes at the end of 1993, the 100th year of The American University. During our centennial year we were able to reflect on our own involvement in international human rights, international trade and economic development, international environmental protection, humanitarian affairs, dispute resolution, and international education. The involvement of our faculty and our students, through their solar ship and through their public service work, in these kinds of issues throughout the world makes it particularly fitting that this conference is being held here. Furthermore, as overcoming global hunger is part of the agenda of our Center for the Global South, which operates under the able direction of Dr. Clovis Maksoud, the conference reinforces our commitment to that center and its work in the south of the world.

I am hopeful that this conference will open new avenues of cooperation and joint programs between The American University, and particularly the Center for the Global South, our School of international Service, and the World Bank and the NGOs, m their respective struggles to combat the root causes of hunger and to ensue a more equitable world order.

I wish you success in this conference and, more important, in the work that it will engender. Welcome to American University.