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3. Screening and selection

Once a nutrition survey (using weight-for-height) has justified the opening of targeted feeding programmes, the quickest way to identify all eligible children is by means of a population screening of mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC):

1. Execute a MUAC screening of all children between 6 months and 5 years (or height < 110 cm) in the population (Instructions in Annex 2.).

2. All children whose MUAC is < 13.5 cm and/or oedema will be selected to have
their weight and height measured.

3. Children whose W/H is 70% - 79%(<- 2 Z-Scores) will be selected for supplementary feeding.

4. Children with W/H < 70% (< - 3 Z-Scores) and/or oedema, and/or those with MUAC < 110 mm will be selected for therapeutic feeding.

MUAC is a suitable tool for initial screening but admission to the feeding programmes should be based on W/H (see Fig. 14). However, because presence of bilateral oedema or a MUAC < 110 mm indicate an increased risk of death and acute malnutrition, these attributes also justify admission to a TFP, regardless of W/H.

· In a settled population, all households should be informed to bring their children below 5 years to the feeding centre for screening,
· or house mass screening can be organized,
· or regular screening can be performed through household visits of community health workers,
· or new arrivals in a refugee camp should be screened during their registration.