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Unit X Tying the Concepts Together: Course Integration & Application



At the conclusion of this unit, you will be able to:

Analyze a hypothetical emergency management situation and draw conclusions about the impact of and relationships among different styles.



Personal Style

Influence Style(s)

Leadership Style(s)

Conflict Style(s)

Power Base(s)

Motivated By

KEN REARDON, County Administrator. A good leader and facilitator. Tries to remain neutral rather than take sides. Answerable to county council but interested in fairness & problem solving for the group. A "good guy" and leader.


SAM DYER, County Emergency Program Manager. Energetic, loves new ideas. Strives for coordination and builds relationships. May have trouble with some people who do not understand his role. Calm; not pushy except when he needs to be.


BRUSH MOREHART, County Police Chief. Tough and powerful, reputation for doing things right. Concerned with "law and order" and that police get credit for good performance. Can be manipulative, even threatening. Task oriented and turf protective.


FRANK GIBSON, County Fire Chief. Easy-going and reflective. Well-respected for skill and fairness by his subordinates.


BARBARA HIBBS, Head of Hospital Emergency Room. Dedicated and concerned. Will fight for what she believes is right.


JOE SANTORELLI, County Public Works Director. Nervous type, a worrier. Does a good job but frets over some decisions, actions. May be easily threatened under some circumstances but definitely not weak or stupid.


LORRAINE PRENTICE, Health Director. No-nonsense, calm, wise. Believes time heals all ills; conservative and secure.


MORGAN OLIVER, Councilman No-nonsense, direct. Political and active. Businesslike and professional.