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close this bookFunctional Adult Literacy - Curriculum (German Adult Education Association - UNICEF - UNESCO, 1996, 65 p.)
View the documentProgramme Area: Agriculture, Co-operatives, Marketing and Trade
View the documentProgramme Area: Health.
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Programme Area: Health.

Theme 1: Our Food.


I. Sources of food; the Food Path.

II. Food types and nutritional diseases.

III. Food hygiene and handling.

IV. Food for different groups of people.

V. Planning food supply.

VI. Feeding and eating habits. VII. Literacy and numeracy related to our food.

Theme 2: Safe and Clean Water.

Units :

I. Importance and uses of water.

II. Concept of safe and clean water.

III. Different sources of, water.

IV. The need to ease women's work-load on water provision for the family.

V. Water contamination.

VI. Water related diseases.

VII. Making water safe and clean.

VIII. Literacy and numeracy related to safe and clean water.

Theme 3 : Common Diseases Which Attack Us.

Units :

I. Concept of good health.

II. Personal, family and community hygiene.

III. Concept of disease.

IV. Types of common diseases; their causes, transmission, prevention, control and treatment.

V. Immunisation.

VI. Accident and poisoning.

VII. Benefits from full use of available health facilities.

VIII. Socio-economic effects of common diseases on the individual, the family, the community and the nation

IX. Literacy and numeracy related to common diseases

Theme 4 : Environmental Hygiene.


I. Concept and types of environment.

II. Improving resources of our physical environment.

III. Importance of the social environment.

IV. Environmental destruction and degradation that affects our health

V. Environmental conservation for promoting health.

VI. Effects of over-population on the environment.

VII. Environment management.

VIII. Literacy and numeracy related to the environment and hygiene.

Theme 5: Improving Our Sanitation.

Units :

I. Sanitation.

II. Adequate housing.

III. Wastes and refuse.

IV. Disease vectors.

V. Efforts to improve sanitation.

VI. Literacy related to improving sanitation.

Theme 6: AIDS (Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome).

Units :

I. Concept of AIDS / HIV.

II. The spread of AIDS/HIV.

III. AIDS and associated diseases.

IV. Management of AIDS.

V. Health Education and AIDS.

VI. The role of men in caring for people with AIDS (if men should be encouraged to share in that caring role)

VII. Words, sentences and pictures related to AIDS.