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close this bookFunctional Adult Literacy - Curriculum (German Adult Education Association - UNICEF - UNESCO, 1996, 65 p.)
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View the documentProgramme Area: Gender Issues, Culture and Civic Consciousness.

Programme Area: Gender Issues, Culture and Civic Consciousness.

Theme 1: Home Management.


I. What is Home Management?

II. Managing.

III. Distribution of family income.

IV. Consumer education.

V. How to maintain our homes.

VI. Living in a family.

VII. Child abuse.

VIII. Words, pictures, sentences and numerical manipulations related to home management.

Theme 2: Sex Education and Family Planning.

Units :

I. What is Sex Education?

II. Concept of Family Planning. III. Methods of Family Planning.

IV. Misconceptions about Family Planning, contraception and Sex Education.

V. Family Planning guidance, counselling and services.

VI. Words, pictures and sentences related to Family Planning.

VII. How to communicate Sex Education and Family Planning.

Theme 3: Our Rights and Laws.

Units :

I. The concept of human rights and laws.

II. Basic human rights with a gender emphasis.

III. Family Law in Uganda.

IV. Practice and implementation of rights and laws.

V. Words and sentences related to our rights and the laws.

Theme 4: Uganda Our Country.

Units :

I. Position and Physical features (of Uganda).

II. Peoples of Uganda.

III. Population size and composition.

IV. Population dynamics.

V. Political and administrative structures and systems (in Uganda).

VI. Uganda's Major national resources and economic activities.

VII. National identity and unity.

VIII. National policies.

IX. Words, pictures, sentences and simple stories related to Uganda our country

Theme 5: Our Culture.

Units :

I. Role of culture within the family, community and nation.

II. Customs and norms.

III. Culture change.

IV. Practical strategies for preserving our cultural heritage.

V. Words, pictures, sentences and stories on our culture.