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close this bookBetter Farming Series 20 - Upland Rice (FAO - INADES, 1977, 30 p.)
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Suggested question paper


You should no longer use the.......method of growing rice.
It is best to use....... seeds.
An uncultivated strip of land is called a........
....... and ........ are organic manures.
Rice needs above all.........
The rice is cut when........
To thresh rice you can use........


Why must rice production be increased?

Is much rice grown where you live?

Say why it is better to till the soil with a plough.

How can you break up the clods on the field after ploughing?

How can you control erosion when growing upland rice?

How should a farmer choose his seeds?

Why should shifting cultivation be stopped?

What is a quick and good way of removing weeds?

Why must you apply manure and fertilizers?

How is rice cut where you live?

What tool is used?

How is rice threshed where you live?

What is a good way of storing rice?

Is the use of fertilizers always profitable?

What must be done to make the use of fertilizers profitable?