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close this bookStrengthening the Fabric of Society: Population. Capacity Building for Sustainable Development (UNDP - UNFPA, 1996, 53 p.)
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Prepared by UNDP
in collaboration with UNFPA.

United Nations Development Programme

UNDP's mission is to help countries build their own capacities for sustainable human development. In carrying out this mandate, UNDP focuses on supporting developing countries in efforts aimed at achieving four goals:

- poverty elimination
- creation of jobs and sustainable livelihoods
- advancement of women, and
- protection and regeneration of the environment.

Because poverty and the environment are inseparably linked, development must be both people centered and environmentally sustainable. Preservation and sustainable use of natural resources are cornerstones of policies that ensure resources are available to improve the quality of life of present and future generations.

In more than 130 countries, the United Nations Development Programme works with governments to transform the concept of sustainable development into something concrete and meaningful in the lives of people. One important tool in this endeavor is Capacity 21.

Capacity 21 was launched at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. It was created to assist developing countries in building their capacity to integrate the principles of Agenda 21 into national planning and development. It was designed to be a strategic instrument to help countries make the broad and important changes they need to embark on a path of sustainable development.

More information on Capacity 21 is available through the UNDP internet Gopher Server at or through the UNDP Web page at

Strengthening the Fabric of Society is a series of monographs produced by UNDP on the subject of capacity building and its role in advancing sustainable development. The series strives to provide guidance to practitioners and committed activists, whether in a village council, a government ministry, a school or church, or a family, regarding practical steps that can be taken to make a difference. The series will also assist policy makers, program officers, project managers and donors in assessing and responding to capacity building requirements.

Each publication in the series focuses on building capacity in a different sector of society, and draws on the expertise of United Nations bodies relevant to each sector.

Additional copies of this monograph may be obtained by contacting:

Capacity 21
Sustainable Energy and Environment Division
304 East 45th Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Fax: (212) 906-6973

Coordinator: Karen Jorgensen
Series Editor: Charles Dickson
Copyright © 1996

Printed on 50% recycled paper, including 10% post-consumer fibre.