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Evaluation - Day 4

Total time: 1/2 hour

Objectives: By the end of the session, the participants will be able to

- identify the strengths and weaknesses of the day’s training
- evaluate the training methods used during the day
- discuss the cross-cultural issues of teacher training

Materials: training outline, participants’ notes


a Discussion 30 minutes

1 Look through the training design and your notes What activities do you remember doing today?
2. Which of these activities did you like, or find interesting, or fun?
3 Which ones didn’t you like, or find difficult, or boring?
4. Which training techniques did you find effective? Why?
5 Which techniques did you not find effective? Why?
6 He always bring our cultural biases into our work This is particularly true for the topics discussed today. He do something normal to us, but it doesn’t work and occasionally even backfires When has that happened to you. particularly in the contest of classroom management, student assessment or supervision?
7 How can what you learned today help you? What are the limits?
8 Write down on a piece of paper two things a teacher should to remember so that his/her work will be culturally sensitive and appropriate

Trainer’s notes The procedures for the discussion are the same as yesterday