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9.3. Checking the Protective Measures

Protective measures taken will only then offer sufficient protection against the horrible effects of an electrical shock when they are serviceable at any time. Therefore, checking the effectiveness of the protective measures is demanded by the legislator. This checking must include both the protective measure for portable tools and the like and those for fixed tools and plants.

For portable tools and the like, checking of the proper condition of the protective conductor is required every six months or at shorter intervals depending on the stress on these means. Care should be taken that the protective conductor connection at the terminals is always longer than that at the lines carrying current in operation in order that, in case of a failure of the cord attachment, the protective conductor will break as the last.

Inspections of the electrical installations have to be carried out every 1 to 3 years. The way how the inspektions have to be carried out is specified in special legal regulations.