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close this bookStairmaking - Course: Timberwork techniques. Instruction examples for practical vocational training (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 34 p.)
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View the documentPreliminary Remarks
View the documentInstruction Example 8.1.: Taking off Dimensions at the Stairwell
View the documentInstruction Example 8.2.: Determination for the Ratio of Rise and Tread
View the documentInstruction Example 8.3.: Scribing of landing connections
View the documentInstruction Example 8.4.: Manufacture of Template and Angular Board
View the documentInstruction Example 8.5.: Scribing and Preparing the Stair Strings
View the documentInstruction Example 8.6.: Manufacture of Steps and Risers
View the documentInstruction Example 8.7.: Assembly of the Stair Flight

Preliminary Remarks

The present booklet contains 7 selected instruction examples to practise and consolidate knowledge and skills in the manufacture of straight mortised wooden stairs with two branches of flights.

The instruction examples have been selected so that the individual exercises can be practised separately or sucessively, one based on the previous one.

The hand tools, measuring and testing tools and auxiliary accessories as well as the previous knowledge required are stated for each instruction example. The previous knowledge is necessary in addition to knowledge of the "stairmaking" technique and should be recapitulated at the beginning. The sequence of operations specified for each example gives the order of working steps leading to the manufacture of the respective stair components or calculations.

A working drawing showing the required shapes and dimensions of the stair components and auxiliary accessories is attached to each example. The necessary explanations to the working drawing are given prior to the description of the sequence of operations.

For acquiring and practising the skills to be developed it is recommended to manufacture the stair components in the workshop in the scale 1: 2.5.