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OCTOBER 23 - OCTOBER 29, 1983

A Training Aid

Forestry/Natural Resources Sector
Office of Training & Program Support
Peace Corps
Washington, D. C. 20526

Peace Corps
Information Collection & Exchange
Training Manual T016
May 1984

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ICE/ Peace Corps
1111 20th Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20526

The Forestry/Natural Resources Sector in the Office of Training & Program Support of Peace Corps would like to express its gratitude to everyone who assisted in the Solomon Island Agroforestry Inservice Training workshop. The following people deserve a special note of thanks for their contribution and support: Harold Senter and Ian Knight who lead training sessions and donated numerous hours to the workshop without any financial compensation; to Graham Richardson and the staff of the Solomon Island Broadcast Corporation where the workshop was held; to the staff of Peace Corps Solomon Islands, including Carolyn Siota, Administrative Officer, Carol Kimball, Peace Corps Fellow/Acting APCD, Joanne Russa, Peace Corps Cashier, Yvonne Holt, Peace Corps Nurse and most importantly, Richard Mullaney, Acting Peace Corps Director; to the Manager and staff of the Hotel Mendana where the participants resided while in the Solomon Islands; to Kara Teati, Chief Field Officer of the Solomon Islands Agricultural Extension Service; Barnabas Likiopu, Extension Officer; Stephen Colbert of the Solomon Islands Development Bank for material support rendered.

Any workshop requires a great deal of planning. Bruce Burwell and John Schenk were of particular help during the pre-research and planning phase of the training program as well as in rendering continual assistance during the workshop and facilitating many of the training sessions. To Bruce and John a special thanks from the staff at Peace Corps/Washington.

We would also like to acknowledge the cooperation of former Peace Corps Director/Solomon Islands Frank Juska. Through his initiative and enthusiasm, the Solomon Islands was chosen as the site for this In-service Training.