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close this bookApplications of Biotechnology to Traditional Fermented Foods (BOSTID, 1992, 188 p.)
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View the documentPreface
close this folderI. Research priorities
View the documentResearch Priorities in Traditional Fermented Foods
close this folderII. Overview
View the document1 Upgrading Traditional Biotechnological Processes
View the document2 Genetic Improvement of Microbial Starter Cultures
View the document3 Sudan's Fermented Food Heritage
View the document4 Lesser-Known Fermented Plant Foods
View the document5 Lactic Acid Fermentations
View the document6 Mixed-Culture Fermentations
close this folderIII. Milk derivatives
View the document7 Fermented Milks Past, Present, and Future
View the document8 Lactobacillus GG Fermented Whey and Human Health
View the document9 The Microbiology Ethiopian Ayib
View the document10 Moroccan Traditional Fermented Dairy Products
View the document11 Fermented Milk Products in Zimbabwe
close this folderIV. Plant derivatives
View the document12 Cassava Processing in Africa
View the document13 Improving the Nutritional Quality of Ogi and Gari
View the document14 Solid-State Fermentation of Manioc to Increase Protein Content
View the document15 Leaf and Seed Fermentations of Western Sudan
View the document16 Continuous Production of Soy Sauce in a Bioreactor
close this folderV. Animal derivatives
View the document17 Using Mixed Starter Cultures for Thai Nham
View the document18 Starter Cultures in Traditional Fermented Meats
View the document19 Fermented Fish Products in the Philippines
View the document20 Fish-Meat Sausage
View the document21 An Accelerated Process for Fish Sauce (Patis) Production
close this folderVI. Human health, safety, and nutrition
View the document22 Nutrition and Safety Considerations
View the document23 Mycotoxic Flora of Some Indigenous Fermented Foods
close this folderVII. Commercialization
View the document24 Commercialization of Fermented Foods in Sub-Saharan Africa
View the document25 Biotechnology for Production of Fruits, Wines, and Alcohol
View the document26 Future Directions
View the documentBoard on Science and Technology for International Development