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Variation 1: Printing from objects


· stamp pads of different colored ink
· paper
· objects from the surrounding environment
· cutters

Suggested approach

Ask the participants to make their picture by printing from objects that they find around them. They can use leaves, stones, bark, flowers, parts of their body, paper, bottle tops, fabric, etc. Tell them to press these into the stamp pads and print them onto the paper. Allow 20 minutes for them to make their prints. Then follow steps 3-5 in the main method.

Explore printing effects, e.g.:


· by observing the patterns found in natural objects such as what you find if you cut through banana plants;


· by dragging an object across the paper;


· by printing one object over the print of another;


· By repeatedly printing from the same object. If they do not re-ink the object, they can achieve fading effects.