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View the documentPrepregnancy Nutritional Status and its Impact on Birthweight
View the documentMaternal Nutrition During Pregnancy as it Affects Infant Growth, Development and Health
View the documentThe Consequences of Iron Deficiency and Anaemia in Pregnancy on Maternal Health, the Foetus and the Infant
View the documentImpact of Maternal Infection on Foetal Growth and Nutrition
View the documentMaternal Micronutrient Malnutrition: Effects on Breast Milk and Infant Nutrition, and Priorities for Intervention
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View the documentMaternal Protein-Energy Malnutrition and Breastfeeding
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View the documentHalfway to 2000: Mid-Decade Goals (1995) for Health of Women and Children
View the documentVitamin A and Disease: Results of Trials in Northern Ghana
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Second Report on the World Nutrition Situation. Volume I: Global and Regional Results (October 1992)

Second Report on the World Nutrition Situation. Volume II: Country Data (March 1993)

Nutritional Issues in Food Aid (SOA No. 12) (August 1993)
Report of symposium on “Nutritional Issues in Food Aid” held at the 19th Session of the ACC/SCN in Rome, February 1992. Includes papers on the support of public works by food aid as a nutrition intervention, which age groups should be targeted for supplementary feeding, effects of supplementary feeding on the growth of children with infection, experiences of feeding programmes, and protecting refugees’ nutrition with food aid.

Effectiveness of Vitamin A Supplementation in the Control of Young Child Morbidity and Mortality in Developing Countries (SOA No. 13) (December 1993)
by G.H. Beaton, R. Martorell, K.J. Aronson, B. Edmonston, G. McCabe, A.C. Ross, and B. Harvey. Report of the findings of a review of the scientific evidence on the effectiveness of vitamin A supplementation on mortality and morbidity in children from developing countries.

Controlling Vitamin A Deficiency (SOA No. 14) (January 1994)
by Stuart Gillespie and John Mason. A report based on the ACC/SCN Consultative Group Meeting on Strategies for the Control of Vitamin A Deficiency, July 1993, Ottawa, Canada.

Update on the Nutrition Situation (1994) forthcoming.

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