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Directions in development

Ismail Serageldin

1995 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/THE WORLD Bank 1818 H Street. N.W. Washington. D.C. 20433

All rights reserved
Manufactured in the united States of America
First printing August 1, 1995

The findings. interpretations. and conclusions expressed in this study are entirely those of the author and should not he attributed in any manner to the World Bank, to its affiliated organizations, or to members of its Board of Executive Directors or the countries they represent.

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Serageldin, Ismail 1944 sustainable management of wafer resources lsmail Serageldin.
p. cm.- (Directions in development)

Includes bibliographical references.

ISBN 0-8213-3413-1

1. Water resources development.
2. Water resources development - Developing countries.
3. Sustainable development.
4. Sustainable development - Developing countries.

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II. Series: Directions in development (Washington D C ) TC 405.S44 1995

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