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This Teacher Training Guide, like the accompanying Teacher Training Reference Manual, was developed through the collaborative efforts of a team of individuals at the Center for International Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. It was produced under contract to and in association with the Education Sector in the Office of Training and Program Support, Peace Corps, Washington.

We are grateful to the following Content Specialists who contributed their knowledge and expertise by researching and writing on selected topics: Jane T. Benbow, Paul Englesberg, Robert Fuderich, Marilyn Gillespie, Mohammed Farah A. Good, Dawn Cordon, Mark Lynd, David S. McCurry and Douglas Passanisi. David McCurry also served as Production Coordinator, and designed and produced the illustrations, charts and other graphics.

We would like to thank the Center for International Education for its technical and material support during the project. Professors George E. Urch and Robert J. Miltz, the Principal Investigators of the project, provided key editorial and content input during the early drafts of the Training Guide.

Special thanks go to Bonnie Mullinix, Project Manager, who spent many hours editing each draft of the Training Guide. Without her constant advice and assistance, the project would have been a formidable task.

The Training Guide was pilot tested in Senegal. We gratefully acknowledge the Peace Corps Senegal country staff, pre-service trainees, volunteers and Senegalese ‘conseillers pgogiques’ who assisted in the pilot test.

Finally, a word of thanks to John Guevin, Education Specialist with the Office of Training and Program Support. John acted not only as Peace Corps Project Manager, but as critic, editor, co-trainer and friend as well. His support and insight during both the writing and pilot test was invaluable.

In many ways, this Training Guide is a gift from past Peace Corps Volunteers to future ones. We hope it will equip you to share your skills and expertise with others around the world.

Anne-Laurence Dodge Training Coordinator