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close this bookPreliminary Investigation of the Abuse of Girls in Zimbabwean Junior Secondary Schools - Education research paper No. 39 (DFID, 2000, 100 p.)
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In the final stages of the research, recommendations for strategic actions to address school-based abuse of girls (and boys) were developed through workshops with pupils and teachers. It is clear that a reduction in abusive behaviour towards girls requires a radical change in school culture, and ultimately in society's view of women and girls. The broader issues of bullying, which affects boys as well as girls, and corporal punishment will also have to be addressed, as the sexual abuse of girls is part and parcel of a school culture which institutionalises a variety of forms of aggression and violent behaviour. This will require a holistic approach. The starting point is surely to break the silence at all levels, among girls, teachers, school heads, Ministry officials and parents.