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View the documentWater Supply and Management in Rural Ghana: Overview and Case Studies
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This book is the product of an International Development Research Centre (IDRC) workshop to take stock of the present situation of water management in Africa and the Middle East. The workshop was held in December 1994 in Cairo, Egypt. Twelve formal presentations were given: three overview papers on key water issues; seven subregional papers on key water issues; and two transsectoral papers, one on nongovernmental organizations’ perspectives and the other on sectoral water allocation.

Each presentation was followed by lively discussions, and a day was devoted to the identification of priorities for research and development. Two additional papers have been included in this publication, the first dealing with women’s roles as water users and managers; the second with, grassroots utilization of water resources. The full report of the conclusions and recommendations from the workshop has not been included in this book, but is available from IDRC’s Middle East Regional Office in Cairo upon request.

Although some papers were edited only for style, others had to be substantially revised. Limitations of time and communication did not permit all the authors to respond to a number of specific questions formulated by the editors. In a number of cases, references were vague or incomplete and had to be removed. However, every effort was made to neither change the meaning of the text nor modify the author’s approach.

Eglal Rached
Eva Rathgeber
David Brooks