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close this bookOperation and Maintenance of Water and Sewerage Systems (Ministry of Water - Tanzania - Rwegarulila Water Resources Institute, 1999, 90 p.)
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close this folderA. Maintenance of Water Supply Units Principles and General Procedures
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close this folder3. Group work - Operation and Maintenance of the following:
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View the document- Water treatment unit
View the document- Water mains
View the document- Water tanks
View the document- Sewerage systems

7. Remedial measures

Remedial activities of maintenance include

1. Repair, replacement, etc., of parts which are damaged, worn or become obsolete;
2. Removal of unwanted external and internal waste build-up;
3. Application of protective paint;
4. Cleaning;
5. Disinfection; and
6. Public relations and education.

The details of the remedial measures should be laid down in writing. Some persons may be able to carry out the job without such written guidelines. What should be strived at is the cultivation of positive habits both during the training and the actual performance of duties. Only thus it will be possible to ensure that the maintenance work is carried out in a systematic manner.