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close this bookFormwork Making - Course: Timberwork techniques. Instruction examples for practical vocational training (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 23 p.)
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Instruction Example 1.4. Beam Formwork Making

This example serves to practise making of a beam formwork for a brickwork wall coping to given sizes.


Formwork boards
squared timbers
nails of different sizes
tie wire


Hand tools and machines

Circular saw, hand saw, hammer, wrecking bar with claw, nail pincers, bit, bit brace

Measuring and testing means

Folding rule, try square, water level, measuring rods

Auxiliary accessories

Paper, pencil

Necessary previous knowledge

See ceiling formwork

Explanations to the working drawing

1 brickwork, 2 brickwork support, 3 stull, 4 formwork side panel, 5 cover straps, 6 waler, 7 formwork bottom panel

Sequence of operations


1. Study the formwork project. Prepare the work.

Make available the tools and materials.

2. Make two trestles (columns connected with trestle timber through cleats) for the longitudinal front of the wall.

Dimension the height of the columns so as to allow for two packing wedges, the formwork sheeting (sheeting boards)!

3. Erect the trestles and secure them laterally by wedges.

Trestles to stand exactly at the outside wall lines!

4. Nail on two board-connectors at the left and right of the beam wall support.

The 200 mm distance to the wall must correspond with the cover strap dimensions. Upper edge of formwork sheeting is equal to lower edge of beam!

5. Fix the diagonal bracings to the columns.

Nail bracings longitudinally and transversely to the wall!

6. Make the formwork bottom (See instruction example 1.1.):

Do not cut the cover straps flush but make allowance at both sides at least for formwork sheeting thickness, cover strap thickness and thrust-board width!

7. Put the prefabricated side panels on the cover strap projection at the left and right sides and connect them with stulls on the upper edges.

According to the brickwork support openings of the beam, the length of the side panels is to be dimensioned so as to permit that the supports are enclosed by the formwork at both sides!

8. Nail on a thrust-board at the lateral foot of the formwork panels.

Nail on from both sides!

9. Fix walers at the sides of formwork panels (upper end).

Fix walers laterally with nail pins!

10. Tie the formwork with tie wire at the walers.

The walers must also cover the brickwork support openings. The tie-wire tieing is to be provided immediately near the stulls!

11. Check the formwork again for alignment and accuracy to size.

Make corrections, if necessary.

Beam Formwork Making