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What to do after harvesting

48. When the groundout plants are out of the ground

- Turn them over.

If the sun is strong, leave the plants turned over only for 4 to 6 hours; if the sun is not very strong, you can leave them turned over for a day or two.

In all cases make little heaps afterwards, so that the groundnuts go on drying slowly.

When the groundnuts are quite dry

- Put the groundnut plants on a wooden hay rack, so that the plants do not touch the ground.

An Important warning

Do not leave the groundnuts on the field in full sun for several days after lifting them. The plants would dry out too quickly and the leaves would drop.

Do not put the groundnuts in a heap if they are still green, or if they are wet from rain.

Do not leave the groundnuts in heaps after heavy rain the stems and leaves may rot.

Hay rack

Hay rack with groundnut plants set to dry

How to heap groundnuts