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close this bookGuidelines for Community Noise (WHO, 1995, 95 p.)
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View the document1. Introduction
close this folder2. Noise sources and their measurement
View the document2.1. Basic Aspects of Acoustical Measurements
View the document2.2. Sources of Noise
View the document2.3. The Complexity of Noise and Its Practical Implications
View the document2.4. Measurement Issues
View the document2.5. Source Characteristics and Sound Propagation
View the document2.6. Sound transmission Into and Within Buildings
View the document2.7. More Specialized Noise Measures
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close this folder3. Adverse Health Effects Of Noise
View the document3.1. Introduction
View the document3.2. Noise-Induced Hearing Impairment
View the document3.3. Interference with Speech Communication
View the document3.4. Sleep Disturbance
View the document3.5. Cardiovascular and Physiological Effects
View the document3.6. Mental Health Effects
View the document3.7. The Effects of Noise on Performance
View the document3.8. Effects of Noise on Residential Behaviour and Annoyance
View the document3.9. The Effects of Combined Noise Sources
View the document3.10. Vulnerable Groups
close this folder4. Guideline Values
View the document4.1. Introduction
View the document4.2. Specific Effects
View the document4.3. Specific Environments
View the document4.4. WHO Guideline Values
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View the document5.1. Stages in Noise Management
View the document5.2. Noise Exposure Mapping
View the document5.3. Noise Exposure Modeling
View the document5.4. Noise Control Approaches
View the document5.5. Evaluation of Control Options
View the document5.6. Management of Indoor Noise
View the document5.7. Priority Setting in Noise Management
View the document5.8. Conclusions on Noise Management
close this folder6. Conclusions And Recommendations
View the document6.1. Implementation of the Guidelines
View the document6.2. Further WHO Work on Noise
View the document6.3. Research Needs
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