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3.4. Combining of Mobile Lines to Bank Cables in Plants and Devices

In addition to the cables for connecting mobile devices and appliances, there are pilot-wire circuits consisting of multiwire or thin-wire conductors.

Especially this is the case in plants which, during operation, are exposed to great mechanical strain and vibration.

If in such plants conductors are combined to bank cables, this is called bundled wiring and the manufacture of preformed cables presents itself.

In connection with the manufacture of preformed cables also use the handbook of "Manufacture of Preformed Cable".

Figure 32 Manufacture of shaped cables on a matrix

Manufacture of a preformed cable

- Manufacturing of a model according to the individual conductor connections.
- Testing the cables as to continuity, unwinding them and cutting them to length.
- Combining them to bank cables.

If possible, use punched tape to tie them up with plastic string or cord.

Figure 33 Binding material

1 grit tape, 2 punched tape,
3 binding by punched tape

- Fastening of the bank cables in the place where it shall be connected.

Access to the connections and free connecting and disconnecting must be guaranteed.

- Testing and marking of the cables according to their respective purpose.

Marking the conductors by notches

This is the simplest and safest method of marking conductors.

- Suitable tools for notching are electrician's knives and side cutting pliers.

- The notches have to be started on the cable cross section at the end of the conductor and are continued away from there.

- Roman figures should be used for marking. (A correspondingly stripped piece of conductor is to be seen in Figure 34; it is equivalent to number 100.)

Figure 34 Notch marking by Roman figures

When notching, make sure that the marking remains legible even after a longer period of time and that also other people are able to read it.

What could be the consequences of mixed up connections in a plant?