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close this bookHow to Act After accidents caused by Electrical Current - Course: basic skills and knowledge of electrical engineering. Methodical guide for instructors (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 16 p.)
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close this folder3. Recommendations for Practical Vocational Training in the Working Techniques Required for ''Acting After Accidents Caused by Electric Current''
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2.4. Time Planning

Starting from the total number of teaching hours, the time for each respective section of this lesson should be planned individually. Time planning is recommended for the following sections:

- Introduction into the respective working technique in the form of an instruction.
- Required demonstration.
- Task-related instructions in preparation of the exercisees.
- Carrying out of the exercises.
- Recapitulations and tests.

For time planning take into consideration the following factors:

- The level of education of the trainees.
- The training conditions.
- The future field of working of the trainees.
- The degree of difficulty of the respective section.

The main stress of each section is on the acquisition of abilities and skills by exercises.

If, despite a good planning, it should come to waiting times for the trainees, these should be filled by small corresponding tasks such as the preparation of materials for the exercises.