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close this bookMilling of End Face - Course: Techniques for machining of material. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 18 p.)
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2. Types of milling tools used

End face milling ensues either through hobbing or face milling. Commensurately, milling tools employed for treating flat or parallel surfaces are used, i.e.

- plain milling cutters and end face mills
- end mill cutters
- cylindrical cutters are gang cutters, combined
- milling heads (cutter heads)

Figure 5 End face mill

Figure 6 Flat milling head (face milling cutter)

Figure 7 End face mill on the two-spindle milling machine

Figure 8 Two cylindrical cutters combined as gang cutter

Figure 9 End mill cutter

These milling tools shall be selected and used together with the commensurate tool clamping means and clamping possibilities on horizontal or vertical milling machines in line with the specific work assignment.