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close this folder3.5 Pumps and water lifting devices
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View the document3.5.1 Types of pumps
View the document3.5.2 Pumps powered by humans and animals
View the document3.5.3 Animal-powered pumps
View the document3.5.4 Mechanically driven pumps
View the document3.5.5 Centrifugal pumps
View the document3.5.6 Propeller or axial flow pumps
View the document3.5.7 Mixed flow pumps
View the document3.5.8 Turbine pumps
View the document3.5.9 Sources of power
View the document3.5.10 Selection of pumps and power units
View the document3.5.11 Amount of water to be pumped
View the document3.5.12 The pumping lift or head
View the document3.5.13 Horsepower and efficiency
View the document3.5.14 Pump characteristic curves
View the document3.5.15 Power source and power Costs
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View the document3.5.17 Pump installation
View the document3.5.18 Turbine and propeller pumps
View the document3.5.19 Intake structures
View the document3.5.20 Minimum water level
View the document3.5.21 Typical pump design
View the document3.5.22 Size of pumps
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View the document3.5.26 Hydraulic ram