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- International Course on ECONOMIC CONSTRUCTION AND LOCAL BUILDING Materials. Conducted by BASIN under the auspices of UNIDO and UNCHS

Place: School of Architecture of Grenoble, 10 galerie des Baladins

38100 Grenoble/FRANCE

25 May - 3 July 1992

Language: English


Architects, planners, engineers, economists, sociologists (max. 15 persons).

The course is designed for the following categories of participants:

- professional staff, responsible for planning and executing building programmes;

- government planners, administrators and programme managers at national and regional levels;

- architects, planners and project coordinators of non-governmental organizations;

- experts and technical advisors of international agencies, donor governments and voluntary organizations.

The participants must have at least five years of professional/project experience in professions connected with planning and project implementation.

The 6-week course is divided into 6 blocks of 5 days each:

Block l: What is economic construction and what are the problems connected with it and the production of local building materials?

Block ll: Building with earth. Block lIl: Wall Construction. Block IV: Roofing.

Block V: Cements and binders.

Block Vl: Strategies for know-how transfer and instruments for promoting the local building materials industry.


CRATerre - EAG
Attn.: Mrs. Marina Trappeniers
BP 2636

Phone: +33 7640 14 39
Fax: + 33 7622 7256


- Cranfield School of Management. A Training Programme of the Enterprise Development Centre.

Finance for Micro-Enterprise
June 7 - July 3, 1992
Fee for programme: œ 3, 250
Managing Enterprise
July 12 - August 21, 1992
Fee: œ 4, 750
Training for Enterprise
August 23 - September 18, 1992
Fee: œ 3, 450
Bedford MK 43 OAL England
Tel.: (+44)234 751122
Fax: (+44)234751806


- Development Planning Unit, University College London. One Year Master's Degree Course: Housing in Development


Admissions Secretary
Development Planning Unit
University College London
9, Endsleigh Gardens
London WC1 HOED, UK


- The Oxford School of Architecture MSc/Diploma/Short Courses in Development Practices

An international programme offering a combination of special studies in the following areas: Housing, shelter and settlements, disaster management and mitigation, settlement planning for refugees and involuntary migrants, urban development and urban management planning.

Beverly Bhaskare
The Wyatt Centre Oxtord Polytechnic
Gipsy Lane Oxford OX3 OBP
Fax + 8 65 8192 98

- African Regional Centre for Engineering Design and Manufacturing.

On the job training courses for African Engineers

Training Courses in Design and Manufacture of Spare Parts for Machinery Repair and Maintenance July 6 - September 24, 1992

September 28 - December 17, 1992

Training Courses in Design and Manufacture of Jigs and Fixtures

Fee: 4, 000 US-Dollar
KM 9 Ibadan-lwo Road
P.M. B. 19, U J. Post Office
Ibadan, Nigeria
Telex: + 311 67 ARCEDEM NG or
- International Training Course on Biogas Technology. April 15- May 30, 1992 July 15 - August 30, 1992. Chengdu, China Fee: 3, 870 US-Dollar
Liu Tian/Song Yuhua
Chengdu Biogas Research & Design In
No. 13, Fourth Block, Peopl's South St.
Chengdu Sichuan 610041
P.R China
Fax: + 581849
Telex: + 60109 JJH CN