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Initiative Demanding Priority for Solar Energy

Bonn - Several daily newspapers and weekly reviews in Germany recently contained a call for a solar energy initiative published by four nongovernmental organisations. The European Solar Energy Association (Eurosolar), the "E.F. Schuhmacher Society for Political Ecology", the scientists' initiative "Responsibility for Peace», and the "Artists for Nature" organisation demanded a heavy taxation on conventional primary energies such as coal and oil. Legal and planning regulations and credit programmes should facilitate the introduction of solar energy. "Solar technology is a technology of the future. We now have the unique opportunity to create some 500 000 new workplaces within a foreseeable time horizon."

The initiative also pleads that development assistance activities also give priority to renewable energy, demands comprehensive reforestation measures and the establishment of an International Solar Energy Agency for technology transfer to developing countries.

The initiative wants to influence political parties during the coming campaign for German parliamentary elections in October this year. The political parties' energy policies still focus excessively on conventional energies, said a Eurosolar spokeswoman. Eurosolar counts the step by the German social democrats "SPD" - to include a 100,000roof-programme in its election charter in order to promote solar energy as one of the successes achieved by the initiative.

The advertisement was supported by numerous well-known scientists and publishers. The newspapers also had a very open ear to the initiative and in many instances greatly reduced their advertisement fees.

Plittersdorfer Str. 103
53173 Bonn

Study for Progress Towards a "Sustainable Germany"
Wuppertal - A study currently being carried out by the Institut f71;Klima Umwelt Energie" (Institute for Climate, Ecology and Energy) of Wuppertal is aimed at illustrating possible approaches to a sustainable economy and way of life in Germany. The study was commissioned by the environmental protection organization BUND and the Catholic charity MISEREOR.

As a first step, the present negative ecological, economic and social trend in Germany is being analyzed. It is in tended to show empirically how the Germans are «living beyond their means" and thus contributing to an unequal distribution of opportunities in life. Taking ores and tropical fruits as examples, the study will show the consequences of this way of life in other parts of the world.

In a second stage, the scientists plan to develop perspectives for a level of consumption in Germany that would be regarded as "environmentally compatible" and "fair" on both a national and an international scale.

Preliminary research results will be discussed at a workshop in November. The completed study is to be published in April 1995.

For further information contact:
Raimund Bleischwitz
c/o Wuppertal Institut fma Umwelt Energie
Postbox 10 04 80
D-42004 Wuppertal
Tel.: +4920224920
Fax: +49 20 22 49 21 08