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Courses and meetings

18 - 21 October

Southern African International Conference on Environmental Management (SAICEM II)
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Details from:
SAICEM II Secretariat
P.O. Box BW294
Borrowdale, Harare/Zimbabwe
Fax: + 26 34 73 98 20

8 - 25 November

The Technology of Compressed Earth Blocks

CRATerre-EAG, the International Centre for Earth Construction and the School of Architecture of Grenoble, offer a regular training programme on earth construction and earthern architecture.

The course shall be divided into three independent but complementary modules, articulated through a range of activities including lectures, laboratory sessions, exercises, demonstrations and study tours.

Module 1: The basics of compressed earth blocks; module 2: The production of compressed earth blocks; module 3: Construction with compressed earth blocks. The course is designed for high level professionals.
Details from:
Mrs. Marina Trappeniers
60 avenue de Constantine
38036 Grenoble Cedex
Fax: + 33 7622 72 56
Telex: 30 86 58

11 -14 December

10th International IFOAM Conference
Christchurch/New Zealand

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements will have its worldwide gathering this year at Lincoln University in Christchurch/New Zealand.

The organizing committee has received more than 190 papers for the conference.

Among the keynote speakers are:

Professor H. Vogtmann, University of Kassel/Witzenhausen, Stephen Glessman, Director of the Agroecology Programme at the University of California, and Lawrence Woodward, Director of Elm Farm Research Centre in the UK.

Details from:
IFAM General Secretariat
c/o Okozentrum Imsbach
D-66636 Tholey-Theley,
Tel: + 496853 5190
Fax: + 4 96 85 33 01 10

28 February - 2 March '95

Trade in Organic Products

This IFOAM Conference will focus on producer countries and target markets.

Special attention will be given to international trade in the area of tension between the interests of consumers and producers in importing and exporting countries.

Details from:
IFOAM Trade Conference '95
Sunder & Rottner
Von-Vollmar-Str. 4
D-91 154 Roth