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German Appropriate Technology Exchange Centro Aleman pare Tecnologias Apropiadas Centre allemand d'inter-technologie appropriee Deutsches Zentrum fwicklungstechnologien

GATE is not only the name of this quarterly. It also stands for German Appropriate Technology Exchange, founded in 1978 as a special division (Division 21) of the government-owned Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (German Agency for Technical Cooperation).


GATE is a centre for the dissemination and promotion of appropriate technologies for developing countries.

GATE defines "appropriate technologies" as those which appear particularly apposite in the light of economic, social and cultural criteria. They should contribute to socio-economic development whilst ensuring optimal utilization of resources and minimal detriment to the environment. Depending on the case at hand a traditional. intermediate or highly-developed technology can be the ' appropriate' one.


GATE focusses its work on five key areas:

- Technology Exchange: Collecting, processing and disseminating information on technologies appropriate to the needs of the developing countries; ascertaining the technological requirements of Third World countries; support in the form of personnel, material and equipment to promote the development and adaption of technologies for developing countries.

- Research and Development: Conducting and/or promoting research and development work in appropriate technologies.

- Cooperation in Technological Development: Cooperation in the form of joint projects with relevant institutions in developing countries and in the Federal Republic of Germany.

- Environmental Protection: The growing importance of ecology and environmental protection requires better coordination and harmonization of projects. In order to tackle these tasks more effectively, a coordination centre was set up within GATE in 1985.

- Promotion of Women's Participation in Development: A special section established within GATE has the task of implementing pilot projects for the promotion of women's participation in development. The findings of the projects shall be made available for all GTZ projects.


GATE offers a free information service in appropriate technologies for all public and privet development institutions in countries dealing with the development, adaptation, application and introduction of technologies.

Deutsches Zentrum fur Entwicklungstechnologien Dag-Hammarskjold-Weg 1 D-6236 Eschborn 1 Federal Republic of Germany