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You, Your Life, Your Dreams: A Book for Adolescents was developed by Family Care International (FCI) and Straight Talk Foundation in collaboration with the German Foundation for World Population (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevrung - DSW). The text was written by Catharine Watson, Editorial Director, Straight Talk Foundation and Ellen Brazier, Programme Officer, FCI.

FCI and Straight Talk Foundation would like to thank the following illustrators and artists whose work appears in this book: Regina C. Faul-Doyle, Timothy Kiwala, Mashet Ndhlovu, ODIA, and Philip Odida. The following people contributed to sections of this book: Eva Agutti, Straight Talk Foundation (stress); Grace Canada, The New Vision (nutrition); Claire Mcminn, Lincoln School, Kampala (life skills); Edith Mukisa, Naguru Teenage Health Centre, (worries); Dr. Sarah Naikoba, Kiswa Health Centre (STIs and coping with stress); and Joy Oguttu, Mildmay Centre, (life skills, emotional health, child-parent relationships, crushes and falling in love). We would also like to thank Anne Akia Fiedler and Teopista Aguttu of Straight Talk and Ann Starrs, Annie Thairu, Ellen Themmen and Rikka Trangsrud of FCI, whose comments and advice were invaluable throughout the development of this book. Finally, thanks to Mirja Rothsch, FCI intern, who compiled the glossary.

FCI and Straight Talk would like to extend a special thanks to the following individuals for reviewing the text and illustrations:

· Dr. A. Ananie Arkutu, FRCOG, Ghana
· Regina Goergen, GTZ, Tanzania
· Muriithi Kinyua, Family Planning Private Sector, Kenya
· Dr. Margaret Makumi, Ministry of Health, Kenya
· Dr. Elizabeth Odera, Malezi Preparatory School, Kenya
· Rehema L. Mwateba, Independent Consultant, Tanzania
· Mary Waithaka, Nairobi Primary School, Kenya

FCI colleagues Pamela Bolton, Cynthia Eyakuze, Martha Murdock, Marilyn Piels and Jill Sheffield also gave graciously of their time and expertise to review the text and illustrations.

Assistance in pre-testing the text and illustrations with young people was provided by:

· Mercy Abbey, Ministry of Health, Ghana

· Molly Anyango, and Lillian Khakasa, Family Planning Association of Kenya

· Ben Adu Nyinaku, Dennis Bruce, Phyllis Adwoa Kudolo, Gideon Leckson and Gladys Yeboah, Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana

· Alexandra Anterkyi, Esther Owusu, Young Christian Women's Association, Ghana

The text and illustrations were also pre-tested in Tanzania and Uganda by FCI staff.

A large number of young people contributed their thoughts and advice about adolescence. In some instances, names and locations have been changed to protect our contributors' anonymity, however, the quotes themselves were not changed. The following individuals and organisations provided assistance in collecting quotes from adolescents:

· Mary Mboche, Family Planning Association of Kenya
· John Kennedy Alumasa, Straight Talk, Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors
· Speciosa Kasori, Kuleana Centre for Child Rights, Tanzania
· Salim Mohammed, Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA), Kenya
· John Riber, Media Trust for Development, Zimbabwe
· Defron Amono, Naguru Teenage Health Centre, Uganda
· Betty Kagoro, The New Vision, Uganda
· Hilda Dhliwayo, Trendsetters Newspaper, Zambia

FCI staff also worked with youth in Ghana and Kenya to gather additional quotes for this book.

The following organisations kindly gave permission to use their artwork: Adolescent Reproductive Health Education Project (a project of the Training and Research Support Centre), Zimbabwe; CEDPA, Washington D.C.; The Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), Nairobi, Kenya; and The Hesperian Foundation, Berkeley, California.

This book was made possible through the generous support of The European Commission, The Ford Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Charitable Fund.

Cover images (top to bottom): UNICEF/86-029/Botswana/Yann Gamblin; United Nations/Kenya/Y. Nagata; United Nations/158705/M. Grant; United Nations/154324; UNICEF/91-0113/Jorgen Schytte; United Nations/153445; United Nations/159795/M. Grant

Cover design by Russell Design Associates, Inc.
Interior design, layout and production by Claire McConaughy

© Family Care International, 2000

Not-for-profit organisations may use any of the materials in this publication freely as long as it is not for commercial purposes. FCI would appreciate acknowledgements and copies of any reproductions when possible.

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