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10.4 Workshop wind-up

15 Minutes


1) Collect corrected take-home examinations. Explain to participants that this is a way for you to evaluate the educational effectiveness of the workshop. In other words, it is an evaluation of the facilitator's ability to get a message across. The examination need not be signed.

2) Collect participants' unsigned written evaluations of the workshop.

3) Collect action plans. Be sure that these forms have been signed.

4) Distribute any excess paper supplies (if this was in your original workshop plan).

5) Distribute completed posters amongst workshop participants to be delivered to local RHUs.

6) Award certificates of completion.


The Visual Aids Workshop is over. Participants have been awarded their certificates of completion. Local rural health units have a brand new health poster to display. There are still, however, a couple of things the facilitator needs to do.


1) Check the answers submitted on the take-home examinations to see if the majority of participants understood the material presented in the workshop. If there are one or more items that most people missed on the examination, you will probably want to give that issue greater emphasis in subsequent seminars. Make a note.

2) Read the anonymous workshop evaluations carefully. Make a note of the comments and suggestions offered by participants. Adjust the curriculum accordingly, provided that the suggestions are consistent with the seminar objectives.

3) Submit the completed action plans to the appropriate official in the Integrated Provincial Health Office.

4) Congratulate yourself on a job well done.