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What is a friend? By the way, do you feel like an alien too?



"I sometimes feel like a know-it-all, Adults have got this ideology that young people are being rude if they express their thoughts, so sometimes I just feel like a stray, an alien."
21, M, Botswana

"My father is OK, but I don't see him very often. My mother is too obsessive; she wants to know everything, I am sure she will tell her best friends about anything I confide in her."
16, F, Netherlands

"It's not cool Parents don't understand; they act tike they've never done anything wrong,"
14, M, USA

"I get mad if they don't listen to me."
19, F, Latvia

"I'll be embarrassed talking to adults. In their 30s because there's an age barrier. To them, we are ignorant about sex so most of the time they do not listen to us."
20. F. Singapore

"There's a Chinese saying that says, the older the ginger, the hotter it is (meaning the older they are, the wiser they are). When we start talking about sex, adults reject us,"
23, M, Singapore

"Personally I think it's really good If you can tell adults what you feel, as long as you aren't being disrespectful to them or anything."
15, F, Sri Lanka

"Opening up to adults is quite tough and has always been, but I feel it is important as you not only learn from them bat they from you too."
20, F, Zambia

"I normally feel ashamed, mainly because our Lesotho culture is often against the idea that you can say whatever you think to adults."
19, M, Lesotho



"Have trust. Trust is huge in any friendship - gotta have this before anything else."
17, F, New Zealand

In my experience, the strongest friendship comes after initial hatred or embarrassment,"
22, M, Sudan

"When they give me their trust and they show me that they can stay with me during the good and bad times."
18, F, Mexico

"I consider the person who defends me in my absence a friend."
20, M, Jordan

"A friend is someone who stands up for you no matter what."
19, F, Japan

I consider someone to be a friend when we exchange plans, whether in good or bad times, when he/she really fells sorry or happy for me in good or bad times, whether I am sick or well, whether I am poor or rich, when he/she shows me that he/she cares."
22, F, Uganda

Someone who is not seasonal but an all seasons friend. One who is there when needed and in need, one who helps me solve problems."
18, F, Zambia

"When I finally realize that the other person knows me quite well (even the bad part) and loves me in spite of it all."
16, F, Sri Lanka

When he/she appreciates who I am." 22, M, Zambia

"I would consider a close friend to be someone that I have known for a long time and feel completely at ease with. Someone whom I could talk to about anything, and it is crucial that I can trust him."
19, M, UK

"When I feel I can count on them always and trust them to be there for both good and bad times. Someone to whom I can say anything without worrying about how they'll take it. Basically someone with whom I share a mutual understanding."
24, F, Lesotho


Poster produced by the Ministry for Public Health, Burundi, as part of their AIDS programme