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Are you a responsible person?


This short test will help you decide if you are a responsible person. Only responsible people can stop HIV and STD.


1. Put a cross in box Yes if you agree, box? if you are uncertain and box No if you disagree.

2. The teacher will discuss the answers with you afterwards so that you can work out your “responsibility score”.





1. I keep myself healthy (e.g. do not use drugs)

2. I know how HIV/STD are spread and how to protect myself

3. I would not have sex at this time in my life

4. I would never share needles for drug use

5. When I decide to have sex, I will use a condom

6. When I have sex, I will only have one partner

7. I would tell my partners if I had HIV or STD

8. I would not use unsterilized instruments to pierce my ears, tattoo or shave, etc.

9. I would think hard before having a baby if I or my partner had HIV

10. If I thought I had HIV, I would go to a health centre to ask about tests

11. If a schoolmate or neighbour had HIV or AIDS, I would be a friend to him/her

12. I would get help if I thought I had HIV/STD

+ +

= Total score

Responsibility score

33 - 36 points

Very responsible

30 - 33 points


27 - 29 points

Somewhat responsible

24 - 26 points

Not very responsible

24 - 0 points

You are taking risks! Maybe you should think again.