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HIV, AIDS, STD - What do they mean?


This activity will help you understand the meaning of certain words, like STD, AIDS and HIV. Knowing these words will help you understand how you can protect yourself from HIV/STD.


1. Read the story A.

2. From box B pick what you think are the right words for STD, AIDS, HIV and gonorrhoea, and match the correct definition with each box in C.

3. Your teacher will tell you more about each of these words.

4. Finish the sentences in “Teacher asks”.

Story A


Maria wanted to know what all these words meant and how serious they were. Can you help her?



A virus that weakens the defence system, allowing other diseases to enter the body.

Illnesses that occur when the body’s defence system is weakened.



A type of STD that may damage reproductive organs.

Diseases that are spread by sexual contact.



Teacher asks

Finish the sentences with your own thoughts and/or feelings.

a) When I think of AIDS I feel: ______________________________
b) HIV/AIDS is serious because: ____________________________
c) STD are serious because: ________________________________
d) People become infected with HIV because: __________________

Place in the Dear teacher question box.

One question that I would like to ask about HIV, AIDS or STD is: