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Condom practice


In this voluntary activity, you can practise putting a condom on a model of a penis (or on a banana or cucumber). This may be an activity that you don’t want to do. It is perfectly alright for you to refuse. Whatever your decision, remember that this activity may be helpful some time in the future when you may want to use a condom.


After the activity below, complete the “Teacher asks” section with your small group.

1 With your teacher, read Student activity 3.3, “How to use a condom”.

2 Observe a demonstration of how to put the condom on a model penis.

3 In a small group, observe a student demonstrating how to use a condom. Another student should read the instructions for each step on “How to use a condom” (Student activity 3.3).

4 Each student will be given one packaged condom. Observe the type of packaging and the information on the outside of the condom wrapper. Note the expiry date. Open the condom wrapper carefully. Observe how easy it is to open the package; the colour, shape; and lubrication (if any).

5 If you are comfortable with the activity, practise putting the condom on the model. Other group members will help you by either reading each step for you or by judging how you did after you have finished putting the condom on (you should tell them which you would like before you start).

6 Continue these instructions until everyone in your group has had a chance to practise putting the condom on the model.

Teacher asks

1. Discuss problems that might occur if you were to use a condom with a partner in a real life situation (e.g. not being able to see in the dark);

2. Which was the most difficult part for you? How could you make it easier?