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Tic tac toe II-- Answering questions

· To assist in reviewing basic AIDS information and attitudes needed to break the chain of infection

Target Group:
· Upper level primary students, secondary students

Group Size:
· 10 persons to full classroom

· Chalk, Blackboard, question cards

· Draw a Tic-Tac-Toe grid on the blackboard where each square in the grid corresponds to a question either by letter (A-I) or by number (1-9).

· Divide group into two teams; X and O

· Play tic-tac-toe where a correct answer allows a team to mark an X or an O in the grid (See Directions for Tic Tac Toe I)

· Team one chooses a number and receives the question card marked with that number.

· A team member must read the card and the other team members must answer the question.

· Play until a team has three Xs or Os in a row

· Continue playing until you use up all of your questions

· Questions may take the form of True/False, Yes/No, or Fill-in for answers

· Draw upon the following for questions:
1. Myths and Facts about AIDS

2. What are the risks for AIDS
Students need to be aware of what behaviors put you at risk for HIV infection. Use the following categories:
- definitely a risk
- probably a risk
- probably not a risk
- definitely not a risk

3. The story of AIDS, i.e. basic information of AIDS transmission and prevention